Membership - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does The CVFR accept members who have made mistakes in the past?

A1. In general, yes (of course it depends on the mistake). We are bikers, many of us are Veterans and all of us are human. Everybody makes mistakes and, for the most part, what you've done in your past stays there as far as The CVFR is concerned. At one point, judges used to give those convicted of certain crimes the choice of joining The Army or going to jail. If The Army could take men who have made mistakes and turn them into Soldiers, why should we be any different?

Q2. Do you accept non-veterans?

A2. Yes. The word "Veteran" on our patch refers to the club name (Canadian Veteran Freedom Riders). It does not mean that the person wearing the vest is a Veteran. Veterans are identified by a "V" on the left/front panel of their vest. Supporters (non-Veterans) are identified by an "S".

Q3. I'm a Veteran, how can prove it to The CVFR?

A3. The CVFR understands that everybody's circumstances are different and they may have any mix of available documents etc. Overall, the "weight of evidence" approach is taken. This means that you can provide any number of forms of proof, the overall "weight" of which points to you being a Veteran. Some suggestions are:

  • Official documents such as an NDI-75
  • DND records such as your UER, 416's, 404's etc
  • Unofficial documents such as mess or association documents
  • Training documents such as Military Certificates of Achievement
  • Course reports and course (or other photos) which show you in uniform
  • The testimony of an individual, trusted by The CVFR, who knew you when you served

Q4. Can I wear my medals on my vest?

A4. You may wear anything that you have earned and which complies with the other requirements of the common dress standards outlined in the Constitution. You may not wear badges or other items of dress affiliated with a unit to which you did not belong nor may you wear items of dress associated with qualifications that you did not earn. These rules are strictly enforced and continued non-compliance will result in dismissal.

Q5. Will you release any of my personal information to other clubs or organizations?

A5. No. Information will never be released about you in answer to inquiries from other clubs or organizations unless you explicitely request it. All information is considered confidential, and if you decide to leave the CVFR for whatever reason, the document(s) will be returned to you or shredded.